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The Most Important Part of the Cock Fighting

The Most Important Part of the Cock Fighting – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the most important parts of cockfighting fighting cocks.

The Most Important Part of the Cock Fighting

Bangkok Chicken is predicted to be the champion chicken, but are all Bangkok chickens the champion chicken? Both in online and in person cockfighting, Bangkok chicken itself attracts attention to its connoisseurs. For online cockfighting enthusiasts, please join the trusted online cockfighting site in Indonesia.

1.The neck

Online cockfighting – The physical characteristic of the first champion Bangkok chicken is that it can be seen from its neck. If the chicken neck is large, then this aym is not a type of hug chicken that has a monotonous fighting style, but it is inversely proportional to the fact that the chicken has a smaller neck bone. Where a chicken that has a neck bone shape like this has a good lock. Because the movement of the neck and head becomes more flexible.

2. Head

The characteristics of the next winner Bangkok chicken are seen from the head. To choose a champion Bangkok chicken, you should choose a chicken that has a smaller head shape as well as areca nut. This is because a chicken in the shape of a bigger head usually indicates its stupidity. Unlike the chicken which has a head in the shape of a betel nut, it is certainly smarter.

3. Comb

You can also pay attention to Bangkok chicken comb to choose from. A large comb generally indicates that the chicken has a calm fighting style. While the smaller combs indicate that the chicken has a more agile fighting style.

4. Face skin

The shape of the next winner Bangkok chicken can be seen from the facial skin. Chickens with thicker and wrinkled facial skin generally have a calmer disposition. Usually this chicken is also more resistant when receiving a blow from an opponent, aka it has not collapsed. This is different in chickens whose facial skin is thinner which has more agile properties. However, this type of chicken is more vulnerable when hit.

5. Chest bones

The characteristics of the winner Bangkok chicken can then be seen from the breastbone. You can pay attention to the breastbone in the chicken. There are 2 types of chickens seen from the sternum, namely the short and long sternum. There is a short bone indicating that the chicken has a good, strong and accurate shot but is less strong if it receives an opponent’s blow. In contrast to a chicken with a long breast bone, it indicates that the chicken has a strong resistance from the opponent’s punches besides that the punch is harder.

6. Body shape

s128 cockfighting – The characteristics of a champion Bangkok chicken can also be seen from their body shape. If a chicken has a well-built body with a slope of more than 45 degrees, then the chicken indicates that it likes playing up. Meanwhile, the chicken with a slope of 45 degrees indicates that the chicken prefers to play under.

7. tail

To see whether the Bangkok chicken that you are after a champion or not, can be seen from the shape of the tail. Chickens with long tails characterize their calm fighting style. As for the short-tailed chicken, the characteristic of the Bangkok chicken has a fast and agile punch. Those are some of the characteristics of a champion Bangkok chicken that can be used as a benchmark or reference in choosing a champion chicken. You can also train your favorite Bangkok chicken to become a champion with intensive care.…