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Handicap Bet Winning Calculation

Handicap Bet Winning Calculation – After going through several stages of the filtering process, finally we are able to perfect the article that we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the calculation of winning the handicap betting game.

Handicap Bet Winning Calculation

Asian handicap bets are chosen by many beginners, their money can be returned if the match ends in a draw. Here is some information on how to install the Asian handicap for some numbers. When placing an Asian handicap bet, it means that you have to determine the odds of the team selected. At a minimum, the bettor must enter 3 teams for online soccer betting. Immediately, the Asian handicap (AH) is divided into several main points. Specifically, we divide the 5 Asian handicaps based on the size of the score.

Handicap Betting Guide Tips

At the first level there is the DNB Asian handicap, the system is quite easy where the initial capital you place is multiplied by the odds for the team that is predicted to win. For example, A is predicted to win at odds of -1.75, if your capital is 100 thousand, then (100 x 1.75 = 175 dollars). In order for your team to get the maximum advantage, team A must win hands down.

In other soccer betting systems, a draw is considered to count. Unlike the Asian handicap, a draw in a match is considered 0. Your initial capital will not be reduced, it’s a shame because a draw helps to return your capital.

The second position is the asian handicap level ¼ or 0.25, the following levels are slightly different from the previous level. At level ¼, you will find it difficult where both win, lose and half win categories will lose 50% of the initial capital. For example: home team C and away team B, odds are -3.00 and -1.80, respectively.

If you support the home team with a capital of 100 thousand, then 100 x 3.00 = 300 thousand. The profit you can get is 300 thousand minus 100 thousand, the final total profit is 200 thousand. If the home team loses or wins by half, you will get half of the initial capital. Isn’t this soccer betting easy enough for a beginner bettor like you to play?

We challenge you to choose a higher level here. Above level ¼, you will find the ½ asian handicap level. You will find difficulties on the profit side. It is completely different from the Asian handicap in the previous point, on the 0.5 Asian handicap there is no cash back in any amount.

Bet is straightforward because you are only given two main choices, win or lose. If you cannot win this bet, the capital cannot be returned, aka a big loss. Therefore, if you are at ½ bet, make sure not to put too high an amount of capital.